After years of developing and playing Massively Multiplayer Online games we’ve found that the genre has lost some of its magic.
Conventional wisdom has led developers to focus on creating a never-ending stream of content to keep gamers playing forever.

 We’re not conventional. We’re creating something radically different.

Persistent Cooperative Adventures

Persistent Cooperative Adventures combine deep cooperative gameplay with our proprietary AI techno-magic to fuel a core game loop that emphasizes exploration, tense combat, and rewarding progression through a story-line that can be won or lost.

Deep Player-Driven Campaigns

In Persistent Cooperative Adventures communities of players work together to overcome tremendous odds in a hostile and dynamic world.

In short, PCAs are MMOs you can beat.

Built From Experience
Located in the heart of Southern California’s bustling game development scene. Empyrean Interactive is part game development studio, part publisher, with the singular goal of defining groundbreaking cooperative experiences.
We Run Lean and We Run Agile
Empyrean Interactive is a fast-paced and candid work environment. We are a team of T-shaped developers who hold ourselves to high standards. Rapid development cycles, continuous play tests, and cross-discipline conversations are a must.

Investors and Board of Directors

Empyrean Interactive is currently seeking world-class Series A investors.  For more information, please reach out to contact@playempyrean.com

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