Art style has been a hot topic of discussion here lately.  Here are some visual examples of what we are looking to achieve:

This gun is the style of texturing we would like to shoot for on our weapons and armor, something similar should be within reach.

georgi simeonov

Credit: Georgi Simeonov

Paintover examples of level of detail:

The character on the left (painted over) would represent the highest amount of detail we want represented in the game, with many of the armors being more simplified as far as overall design. The armor below is closer to overall level of detail sought.


Credit: Antoine Di Lorenzo

ryan demita

Credit: Ryan DeMita

Environment example 1: This is already a great looking environment. from where it stood we looked to simplify the amount of detail in stuff like the floor, pipes, and bottom wall trim detail area. It’s still a little more detailed than I would suggest but the painted over version should give you an idea of how to combine things, pair them down, and diversify the scale of similar objects. The surface treatment as well is a lot more smooth and simplified (walls, floor, railings)


Credit: Erik van Helvoirt

Environment example 2: Harder to tell since it’s just a line drawing but I would probably reduce some areas even further, but this should give a good idea of level of detail to aim for. Trying to avoid details having their own details and a lot of lines that don’t necessarily serve an obvious purpose.


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