Happy Friday all!  

We’re going to keep today’s post relatively text-light and instead focus on a few of the updates we have been making in regards to development.


Here’s a quick look at the current milestone statuses:   

  • Prototype – Completed June 30th
  • Alpha – In progress


Our current focus by discipline over the next two weeks is listed out below:  


  • Diagnostic Panels – Complete

diagnostic panels

  • Structure Kit – In progress
  • Pipe Kit – In progress
  • Ladder Kit – In progress
  • Rail Kit – In progress
  • Female Avatar – In progress



  • Progression Systems – In progress
  • Resource System – In progress



  • Loot Drop System – Complete
  • Persistence (Stats / Inventory) – In progress
  • Stat System Refactor – In progress
  • Effects System – In progress


Have a great week and tune in next Friday for another dev blog!


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