Welcome back everyone!  This week’s exciting blog content is brought to you from the lovely heart of Los Angeles, California!  

We’ve been on site all week at E3 and have some updates to share on the conference.  This year was packed full of business meetings and we had the opportunity to meet with a lot of amazing folks.  We kicked off Sunday with a few drinks with friends and then were off to the races.  

e3 convention center

It was important for us to establish key partnership opportunities this week.  Before moving into E3 we set expectations with the team about the direction and intended outcome of our meetings.  We were onsite to pitch Persistent Cooperative Adventures and to finalize a long term strategic partner or publisher for the studio.  

Geoff and Joe E3

As the week progressed and pitches continued, it was great to see how many groups were aligned with the philosophy behind Empyrean and the core concept of Persistent Cooperative Adventures.  It’s been very important for us that the partner we choose understands the long term vision for our studio and we were pleased to find that publishers and strategics were on the same page with us.    

E3 madness

It’s an exciting time in games, the volatility of recent studio closures is creating strong bonds between the industry as a whole.  My parting thought from this year’s E3 is that developers and publishers are moving in positive direction.

Empyrean signing off!  See everyone next week!

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